Ukraine: “Nova Doba” – Ukrainian association of history and social science teachers, established in 2001. “Nova Doba” is based in Lviv and has 19 branches throughout Ukraine. “Nova Doba” has been organizing historical competitions since 1997; and is still the only Ukrainian member of the EUSTORY network.

Belarus: The NGO “Historica”, founded in 2000. The purpose of “Historica” is to support projects on the history and cultural heritage of Belarus in schools. Since 2011, Historica has maintained the Belarusian Oral History Archive, which collects interviews with eyewitnesses and posts them on the Internet, making them available to all.

Georgia: The Georgian History Teachers’ Association “GAHE”, established in 1997, and the “Soviet Past Research Laboratory” (“Sovlab”), established in 2010 to promote studies of the Soviet totalitarian past.

Moldova: ANTIM – National Association of Young Historians of the Republic of Moldova supports young history teachers by offering them modern and innovative approaches to historiography and history teaching.

The newcomer to the project is Hazarashen, a Yerevan-based NGO specializing in anthropological, ethnographic, and oral history research and education. The organization was founded by a group of anthropologists in 1997 and re-registered in 2006. Hazarashen’s work ranges from oral history, cultural heritage, rituals and customs, to migration, refugees, minority groups, identity, interethnic conflict, memory politics etc.